Suited for use in the Construction Sector

Due to the portability of the Buddy Welder it is well suited for use in the construction sector. It is possible to interconnect two or more Buddy Welders to execute jobs where higher amperage is needed.

Railway Sector

In the Railway sector, the Buddy welder is mainly used to weld skid marks on the railway line and to weld up crossings that need maintenance. Because the Buddy Welder is also a generator that can be used simultaneously, it saves time and money on all welding related jobs.

Hire Market Welder / Generator Combinations

Due to the robust and modular design of the Buddy Welder, it is perfect for the Hire Market welder/generator combinations. The simple and low cost maintenance make the Buddy Welder one of the leading brands of welding machines used and sold in the Hire Market.

The Buddy Welder is very versatile and can be used in many different welding applications, e.g. Stainless steel, Mild steel, Couching, TIG welding and MIG welding.

Our lightweight, heavy duty, industrial Buddy Welder range allows the machine to go to the work when it's not possible to bring the work to the machine. All Buddy Welders can be supplied with an optional "silent pack" enclosure for much lower operating noise levels.

All Buddy Welders, irrespective of model, can be coupled together in parallel to give a combined DC welding Amps output. Buddy Welder models come standard with the "Buddy Safe" feature. This feature reduces the OCV (open circuit voltage) on the machine to a safe level when the operator is not welding.

All Buddy Welder products are backed by a full one-year warranty and an immediate supply of spare parts from the factory.