The Buddy Compact Range

The Buddy Compact range of 100% Duty Cycle DC welders was developed using a wealth of experience gained during the development of our Extreme and Supreme range. Input from hire companies in South Africa, Australia and the United Kingdom formulated our ideas for the design of this truly international welding product.

Latest CAD technology and innovative engineering

With the use of the latest CAD technology and innovative engineering in the design stage, we have been able to significantly reduce the weight and the rotational mass of these state of the art products. In the case of the rotational mass, a reduction in weight of up to 60% has lead to substantial saving in running costs for the operator.

All Buddy Compact machines are fitted with the Buddy-Safe - OCV (open circuit voltage) reduction, roll over frame, wheels and simultaneous use of the auxiliary output.

The Buddy Compact range is also available with 220V AC auxiliary power and comes with two 220V plug sockets with an on/off switch and overload protection as standard. As an option, 110V AC can be supplied. The Buddy Compact range can be supplied with a 12V DC battery charger as an option.

These units come with a full one-year warranty and we guarantee a maximum of a 24 hour turnaround repair service on the welder and auxiliary power output equipment.